More Than 50 Local High School Students Visit Sallie Mae for Mock Trial Day

Howard High School of Technology Students Visited Sallie Mae Headquarters as Part of Delaware Law Related Education Center’s Legal Diversity Program

Friday, December 21, 2018 2:56 pm EST



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"This is one of the best real-world and academic experiences our students can have"

NEWARK, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--More than 50 students from Howard High School of Technology visited Sallie Mae headquarters to participate in the school’s Legal Administrative Assisting (LAA) Program Mock Trial Day. Sponsored by Sallie Mae and the company’s legal department — in conjunction with Howard High School of Technology, the Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline Project, and the Delaware Law Related Education Center (“DELREC”) — the program and competition are designed for students in grades nine through 12 and simulate a civil trial, with students trying the case as the attorneys for plaintiff and defendant.

This year, three teams were presented with a fictional civil case involving a false advertising claim filed by a consumer against a mobile phone company. Team members were responsible for reviewing applicable law, understanding the facts of the case, and assuming roles as attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant. Each group presented arguments based on the facts of the hypothetical case created by members of Sallie Mae’s legal department. Members of the legal department, and other Sallie Mae employees, also participated in the program as volunteer judges, attorney/legal staff advisors, and witnesses.

“We were pleased to partner with the Delaware Law Related Education Center, The Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline Project, and Howard High School of Technology for an up-close look of our legal system and careers in the field,” said Rick Nelson, senior vice president and deputy general counsel, Sallie Mae. “Whether a student wishes to become a lawyer, learn how to think critically and advocate a position in any setting, or simply become comfortable with public speaking, these skills will ultimately help students achieve their higher education and career goals.”

Through performance-based education, the program furthers an understanding of both the content and processes of the legal system; increases basic skills, analytical ability and self-confidence; and promotes cooperation among students of various cultures and interests.

“This is one of the best real-world and academic experiences our students can have," said Dr. Christine Shaub, legal administrative assisting instructor, Howard High School of Technology. "There are so many different skills the students need to demonstrate, from thinking on their feet to listening skills to public speaking and courtroom procedures. At the very least, many of the students will get called for jury duty at some point in their lives and will have a better understanding of the court process."

The Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline Project was established in 2000 to help corporate legal offices and law firms design activities to interest minority students in a legal career. Since 2006, Howard High School of Technology’s LAA Program has partnered with DELREC and the local legal community to expose students to the fundamental principles of the law and the legal system.

“Our mission is to enhance the presence of law-related education initiatives in Delaware,” said Pat Quann, executive director, Delaware Law Related Center. “Thanks, in part, to the generous support of Sallie Mae, we continue to promote active learning experiences and skills development for students who need to function in a society based on the rule of law.”

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